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Radon Inspection & Radon Testing

Radon Gas in Ohio

Radon Inspection & Radon Testing

Radon can be found anywhere. In fact you could be getting exposed to dangerous levels of radon, but your neighbor has no levels within their home. Unfortunately, you can’t see or smell it, so the only way to tell if radon is present is by getting your home checked. I will be using state of the art monitoring equipment to conduct the 48 hour test. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your home is safe from this deadly gas.

5 Facts about Radon Gas:

1) Breathing Radon Gas Can Cause Lung Cancer. A proper Radon Mitigation System is the only way to reduce your risk of Lung Cancer
2) Radon Gas is the Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in the United States among Smokers and the First leading cause of Lung Cancer among Non-Smokers.
3) Ohio has the 4th Highest Radon Gas Average in the United States.
4) Radon Gas does not have a smell. The only way to know your levels is to have a radon test complete.
5) Radon Gas levels change over time. Radon Testing every two years is recommended.

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